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Mieville Halloween Village 2014!

When Wyvern Dryke, the awesome fox behind Lantian Flox, mentioned Trick-or-Treat doors at a fishing contest last night, I had to know what he was referring to. It turns out, you can go Trick-or-Treating at the Mieville Halloween Village this year! The village will be up from October 4th through November 2nd, which is great, because you will want to take your time.

Halloween Village landing point

Halloween Village landing point

When you land, be sure to grab the free Trick-or-Treat HUD. Wear it and, as you wander through the six themed areas of the sim, click on the doors you see. If the light’s on, you will get a treat from one of the many creators participating in the event. If the light’s off… Well, just try it. I dare you.

Not every participating merchant was set up when I explored there, but that may have changed by the time you get there. There was still plenty to do. Aside from the Trick-or-Treating, you can carve custom Jack-o’-lanterns courtesy of Chimeric Arts (You can’t miss the pumpkin patch near the entrance.), shop for Halloween decorations and costumes (for avatars of all sizes), play Gacha machines, bum around a spooky amusement park, read some spectacular gravestones, and more! You’ll also find quite a few freebies beyond those you’ll get from the doors; some merchants have them out, and Cog & Grog has a fine selection of their steampunk gifts on display.

Also, it’s a beautiful sim. Just saying.

From one area to another...

From one area to another…

I probably didn’t find all of the available treats at the Village, but here’s a small selection of goodies you can find or win:

MievilleHalloweenVillage_blog4Pictured above:

  • Background textures by Kismet Textures [Freebie]
  • Halloween Tree by Coveted [Freebie]
  • 8-Bit Pumpkin by Nerxual Oh [Trick-or-Treat Prize]
  • Jack-o-Lanterns by Chimeric Arts [Customizable Freebies]
  • Halloween Deck by Potpourri Designs [Trick-or-Treat Prize]
  • Halloween Centerpiece by Park Place [Trick-or-Treat Prize]
  • Skull Candlestucks by Tiny Huggles [Freebie]

Pictured below:

  • Pumpkin Bear by Hermione’s Heavenly Sweet Boutique [Trick-or-Treat Prize]
  • Unisex Pumpkin T-shirt by Hermione’s Heavenly Sweet Boutique [Trick-or-Treat Prize]
  • Dandara’s Bloody Skull Witch Hat by The Pumpkin Head [Trick-or-Treat Prize]
  • Spider Necklace, “Red” by Lantian Flox/Wyvern Dryke [Trick-or-Treat Prize]
  • Lady’s Flying Mushrooms – Pumpkins and Treats – Les Sucreries de Fairy [Trick-or-Treat Prize]



There’s more to be found, including accessories, apparel, textures, seasonal decor, and (of course) sweets from all manner of merchants. So go knock on some doors, carve some pumpkins, shop around and have fun!