Oufits and gifts at “Le Cactus” by Maya Paris

Le cactus maya paris



Aniri’s Boutique 5th Anniversary Hunt

Until June 29th, Aniri’s Boutique is holding a storewide hunt as a 5th Anniversary celebration! Creator Amaranth Hak has set out 31 (!) little gift boxes for you to find. Seventeen of them are free, seven are dollarbies, three of them cost 5L, and four are priced at 10L. You can pick and choose. Amaranth has a guide to all of the gifts on the hunt, which is great. I love it when creators do this! (Hint: The guide isn’t numbered, but it is in alphabetical order. So are the gift boxes.)

Find and purchase all of the gift boxes, however, and you can send a notecard with your name, or the empty boxes in a folder with your name, to her and she’ll send back a gift card.

What I like most about this little shop is the selection of sculpty shoes. I am not good at shoes in the first place, and don’t bother with mesh feet. But when I want to be a fae or something with human feet, it gets to be a challenge to find the right footwear for a given outfit. So… it’s nice to have decent, non-mesh, non-Slink shoes available.

And Aniri’s even has flats!

Anyway, there are a lot of clothes and shoes to try on from this hunt. This particular outfit is made up of the Becca top and pants set (free); the necklace and earrings from the Kathrin jewelry set (free); and the Sonja pumps (dollarbie.) You can see more on the Aniri blog!

Anari's Boutique Hunt outfit

Photo taken at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/New%20York%20City/245/41/24

Aside from the Anniversary hunt, Aniri’s is on The Beached Bunny Hunt 4 (through June 15th), has a corner with freebies and cheapies (including Lucky Boards and an MM) and a just a bunch of reasonably-priced gowns, casuals, shoes, and even some menswear!

Aniri’s Boutique is at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cartier/167/209/886. Enjoy!