Dirty Turkey Hunt 5.0

Depraved Nation is putting on the fifth Dirty Turkey Hunt this month, and it runs through November 30th! It’s long, at 130-odd stops, and I’m not sure I’ll finish it. (Got burned out on Halloween hunts in October and still haven’t caught my second wind.) But there are some cool gifts to be found and, yes, they’re free.

Expect to find some skimpy clothes — it’s the Dirty Turkey Hunt, after all — but I like to cover up a little more, especially in the fall. Finding some more seasonal clothing was a pleasant surprise!

The prizes pictured above include:

  • Vacancy Hooded Jacket from Razor (store #1)
    * This gift includes both male and female versions.
  • Kawaii Reverb Monkey Chapka Hat from *Epic* (store #8)
  • DT Mesh Pants from American Bazaar (store #17)
    * This gift also includes a mesh top.

Hints are on the Depraved Nation website. Happy hunting!


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