Orient Express Hunt – China Path

The Orient Express Hunt, organized by Best HOME Deal, runs through October 31st, 2014, and is comprised of six separate hunt paths: Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, and Thailand. Each hunt gift costs 2L, so it’s not quite free. But it’s close!

I blogged the Cambodia Path earlier, and now it’s China’s turn.

At ten stops, this is one of the longer hunt paths. And that’s not inappropriate, considering how huge and ancient China is! I couldn’t display everything, but the hunt gifts on this path include:


Pictured: Gifts from Beyond Majestic, Darkmatter, Siren’s Moon, Elegance by Elysa, Insanity’s Own, Tipsters, An Lema, Fairey Angel Creations, and USC Textures

Informational notecards with locations and hints can be found at the hunt signs at each location. There is no order, so it’s easy to pick and choose. Have fun, and happy hunting!


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