Hunt Gift: BelStar Boutique

BelStar Boutique is a cozy shop full of interior and exterior decor with lots of pastels, florals, and country flair. Well, magazine country, anyway. Think Country Living, not “chaotic old farmhouse.” (That’s not a criticism, by the way. I’m not sure it would be possible to pull off “chaotic old farmhouse” in SL without it being creepy and full of chairs suspended in space. What’s with those, anyway?)

Anyway, Belladonna Starbrook offers two hunt gifts this month. The Home & Garden Hunt starts tomorrow, June 2nd, and is a dollarbie hunt. The other is the Let the Sparks Fly hunt, which runs until June 20th. The latter gift is what I’m showing you here:

BelStar Boutique hunt gift

That is the Country Tailgate set. It includes everything shown (except for Border Collie me). The set comes as a grouped object, so rez it in build mode. Don’t worry, though. If you screw up, it’s copy/mod. The chairs have male and female sits, respectively, and the grill fire toggles on and off with a touch. You can cook your meat (or tofu or whatever) as much or as little as you want! Nom.

The whole set is 78 prims, but because it is a grouped object, you can reduce the impact as you like. Or increase it by adding chairs or trees or even another grill! (I love copy/mod perms.) It’s adorable, seasonal and, yes, free.

There’s a hint giver and a cool boutique waiting for you at



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