Freebies and more at Wild Serenity

Wild Serenity is an old-school but inviting store with plenty of beautiful gowns on display. Plus, there’s this generous corner. Complete with a group gift, a lucky board, Gachas, and a Midnight Mania board*, there’s a bunch of boxed freebies for your perusal. Included among them are a gown, boho skirts and tops.

Wild Serenity freebies and gacha section

I didn’t pick up all the freebies — my inventory is enough of a jungle as it is — but I did try out the boho goodies. The outfit I settled on consists of the Boho Chica Skirt in purple gold, the matching Boho Chica Belt, and the Boho Chica 2 top in purple. There are a lot of colors to choose from in each fat pack. Enough to experiment with.

The belt is made of prims, and the skirt of flexi-prims. Both skirts and belts are copy/mod, so you can play with resizing. (Frankly, I still like long flexi skirts. They flow so well!) Boho Chica tops are system clothes, as is the thong included with the skirts. (You can probably dig up your own glitch pants, if you so choose.)

Boho freebies, Wild Serenity

Photo taken at Greenhouse.

There are some good things here, and I’m looking forward to trying that MM board gown. Hopefully it will lock tonight!

Wild Serenity:


*MM Boards and other freebies are subject to change, move or disappear without notice.


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