Baby Monkey Shoes freebies

Baby Monkey Shoes has several pink gift bags on the checkout counter, currently free for anyone. (The Lucky Chairs in the back, and possibly the MM boards — those were locked down, so I didn’t check — are only for group members. The group costs 250L$ to join.) Among several gadgets and goodies is a bag of 2013’s Advent Gifts. These include mesh shoes, tops, pants, a dress (with a color change hud) and jewelry. (I’m wearing the Inez Flats, Corazon dress and Dalila necklace in the picture below.)

Baby Monkey Shoes freebies

And don’t overlook the bag of Funny Talking Body Parts. There’s an Evil Tummy Talker (“I think it’s so sad that daddy is not real”); a Bursting Bladder (“That should NOT be red?”); a Talking Halo (“Angel? You? As if!”); a Hurty Feet Talker (“Ha ha, you paid HOW MUCH for those shoes?”); and… an Evil Scrotum (“I thought we agreed – no more ladyboys”).

Anyway, you can’t miss the gift bags as you enter the store. Have fun!


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