Midnight Mania: AVRO’s Zaari Wings

Sekela Avro is one of Virtual Vagabond’s own, and she has beautiful, affordable wings at her shop. Plus, she’s always coming out with new ones!

Her Midnight Mania* board gifts are frequently rotated, so keep an eye on it. Today it’s the Zaari wings. Like all of the AVRO wings, they’re made in the flexi prim style, flap on command, and are tintable, resizable and more via an included HUD.

MM Board Avro Zaari Wings

You can find the MM board here:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Southhaven/89/156/44

This particular pair of wings includes one texture, but tinting alone offers many possibilities. Play with the included HUD to experiment with tint, opacity, size, glow and sparkles. Just don’t forget to make a backup copy of those wings before you do!

MM Board AVro Zaari Wings

Above photo taken at Greenhouse: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Greenhouse/135/70/26

Keep an eye out for hunt objects, the lucky barrel, and even newbie gifts for those under 30 days old! The wings for sale really are affordable, and it goes without saying that you should support SL artists with lindens if you can (at least I think so), but even if you can’t, just wearing the wings around helps. And anyway, this is a freebie blog, so there you go!

*MM Boards and other freebies are subject to change, move or disappear without notice.


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